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         Here is where we will try and get to know our current customers better. Cue & Cushion wants to ask questions of ALL our customers to try and cater to their needs.  We will be posting anonymous questions on this page from time to time so you can voice your opinion and feel comfortable. We want to know where we are doing good and not so good in running our business. What products we should carry. What specials people use or don't use. We also welcome any suggestions for future questions we should ask. So take our polls and help us make a better Cue & Cushion for everyone!

How often do you like to play pool?
Several times a week.
Once a week.
Once a month or so.
Few times a year.

What size pool table do you prefer to play on?
7 foot bar box table
8 foot table/ home size
9 foot Professional Size
10 foot Billiard or Snooker Table
Doesn't really matter to me

What special do you prefer to use to save money playing pool?
Student Rate
Early Bird Special
Online coupons
Thursday Tee Shirt Special
I don't really use specials or coupons

Would you like to see Cue & Cushion add a Ping Pong table?

What kind of cue do you use at Cue & Cushion
Free House Cues on wall
$1.50 Jacoby Rental Cues
Have my own personal cue
I borrow a cue from a friend

Cue & Cushion - 2425 Woodson Road - St. Louis MO - 63114  
(314) 427-9267